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Coaching Topics

As a sales coach and trainer, I am focused on creating, implementing and maintaining useful, practical and customised systems and strategies so that your business has the tools to continue to grow and improve.

I am not here to reinvent the wheel. My primary goal is to fine tune and enhance what you and your team are already doing so you achieve better results.

I am all about adding value to your business and my main objective is to help you fast track your career to become the go-to agent in your market place. I offer a number of key topics:

  1. New In Real Estate (also great for experienced agents)
  2. Goal Setting
  3. Setting Great Daily Structure
  4. Database Management
  5. Agent Marketing & Development
  6. Prospecting, Lead Generating & Nurturing/Relationship Building
  7. Listing Presentations
  8. Buyer & Vendor Management

Below is an in depth look at each of the above.

An Introduction for Those New to Real Estate

  1. In order to introduce new agents to have a successful start to their career in real estate, I lay out a great platform and explain the fundamentals of the industry.
  2. The 1st step is getting to know the local market by becoming familiar with the schools, shops, parks, transport, infrastructure, child care centres, places of worship and other elements of the local community.
  3. The 2nd step is getting to know property values, including sale and rental prices, the average days on market, demographics of buyers and owners, etc.
  4. The 3rd step is to start building a healthy database with local home owners, as well as great buyer work.
  5. The 4th step is to start booking in face to face appointments with buyers and sellers/homeowners (market appraisals and/or listing presentations).

Goal Setting

  1. Setting daily and weekly goals around call connects, letter box drops, door knocks, new data being obtained, face to face appointments and appraisals/listing presentations.
  2. The setting of business goals aimed at improving your overall perception to your market.
  3. The setting of goals around your GCI.

Daily Structure

  1. Ensuring that each day is productive and that you are conducting dollar productive activities throughout the majority of each day.
  2. Learning how to work smarter, not harder.
  3. Making sure that the majority of each day is planned well in advance.

Database Management

  1. Ensuring that you have the correct and sufficient categories so that your prospecting is 100% relevant, clear and focused.
  2. Having a clean and healthy database from which to work and service.

Agent Marketing & Development

  1. Generating great exposure for yourself as an agent to your marketplace so that you’re well noticed.
  2. Creating unique exposure for yourself so that you stand out from your competitors with a point of difference.
  3. Growing a successful team around you in order to take your business to the next level.

Prospecting, Lead Generating & Nurturing/Relationship Building

  1. Prospecting and nurturing through the use of dollar productive activities.
  2. Establishing, building and maintaining powerful relationships with customers.
  3. Creating new leads and nurturing current clients up until they become sellers – and beyond.
  4. Scripts and dialogues on the 11 types of prospecting/nurturing calls, including;
    1. OFI call backs
    2. People who attend auctions
    3. Past market appraisals
    4. 1, 2 & 3+ year OFI call backs
    5. Just listed and sold
    6. Email enquiries
    7. Anniversary calls
    8. A, B and C seller calls
    9. Market report/CMA
    10. Old and neglected database contacts
  5. WHO to call, WHEN to call, WHY to call.
  6. The perfect prospecting and nurture plan.

Listing Presentations

  1. Formulating the ideal and most effective way to structure your presentations.
  2. Providing unique, useful and noticeable points of difference from your competitors.
  3. Perfecting the presentation.
  4. Closing the business.

Buyer and Vendor Management

  1. Providing 6-star service to both vendors and buyers.
  2. Generating leads from open homes and auctions.
  3. Price reductions and vendor conditioning.
  4. Buyer negotiating.
  5. Creating referral business through outstanding service.

Coaching Options

I cater to a number of coaching and training styles, such as:

  1. 1 on 1
  2. Group Sales Teams
  3. Over The Phone (30 and 60 minute sessions)
  4. Saturday Shadow
  5. Business Development For Directors
  6. Acting Sales Manager. Get me involved with your team to focus on overall growth, leadership and recruitment.

To find out more on any of the above, or if you require something different, please get in touch with me.