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Earning The Fee You Ask For

How many times have you pitched for the business and never got the commission fee you originally asked for or told that particular owner? I think we’re all a bit guilty of dropping the fee we ask for from time to time in order to win and secure the listing. And there’s nothing wrong with


If I Was New In Real Estate Or A Struggling Sales Person, Here Is What I’d Do.

I was once a newbie in real estate like we all were. I’ve been through stages where I was on fire listing and selling, week after week, month after month, and stages where I struggled to create opportunities for myself, win business and makes sales; call it the real estate sales person roller coaster. In


Employing, Retaining and motivating new comers in real estate

Since I started working in real estate back in 2008, something that really stands out to me is the high turnover of new people entering and leaving the industry within 6-12 months. Whether someone has been 18 or 40 years old, I’ve noticed over my years that a lot of new agents have quickly exited


Facebook Marketing for Agents

As a real estate agent, Facebook marketing is HIGHLY important in the modern day. It attracts plenty of business if utilised correctly. But are you maximising and using Facebook to the best of its ability? The answer for most agents, is no. Are you reaching the people you need to? Is the audience you’re trying


Dollar Productive Activities

As a coach, I often get asked what an agent needs to do in order to generate business. My answer is always the same; be consistent and have discipline around conducting dollar productive activities. An agent should set themselves awesome structure to ensure that the majority of their days, weeks and months are spent doing


The difference between Prospecting and Nurturing

How many times have you spoken to someone for the first time, whether it was in person or on the phone, and that person has committed to you to sell their property there and then? Probably not many, if ever, right? Real estate coach Josh Pyatt explains the key differences between prospecting and nurturing customers.